Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Adopt Indian/Desi/Stray Dogs

Are you a proud Indian???

Then why is it that you do not seem to give the same respect to everything thats Indian?

For beginners lets take up the issue of the Indian/Desi/Stray dogs.

Have you ever thought - why is it that they are called Strays.. Simply because they have been abandoned by us . We do not wish to take responsibility of taking care of whats ours and land up leaving them on the streets. The resultant being -they left to fend for themselves.

How many times have you crossed a diseased/wounded/hurt/beaten/bitten dog on the street and have exclaimed -"yuck!! how filthy". what if after that remark you'd stopped and called a genuine animal lover who could help that animal become a healthy one again?

I have an Indian/Desi breed, I picked off the street and he is the most handsome/intelligent/ loving pet I have seen. Even people with pedigree as pets exclaim on seeing him - " he is sooooo cute, what an intelligent dog". This dog might have been as dirty, diseased and Yucky as any other on the street if not taken in by us. Thats what makes all the difference. Giving them a home and a normal loving environment is all that is needed. Even a Pedigree if left on a road will look as undesirable as the so-called strays. Come to think of it once they look like the stray Indian they would also be stray pedigrees.

Just give it a thought.


charu shah said...

even though i dont have any stray dog at home, i do feed quite a few of them, and have got arnd 6 adopted this year!
they are the best breed to adopt, they are very loving and are very intelligent also!
rani, my bldg doggy, who i treated, dosent touch her food if i dont pat her before i give her food. the day i dont pat her on head, she keep looking and dosent eat till i rub her head n then she eats her food!
tutti, other one, will always lick my hands b4 eating her food. she will smell her food, then lick my hand, and only after licking my hand, she eats her food. they are strays, but they show that they love me, and i also love them a lot! them not being a 'pure breed' is actually a boon for me, as i have to get them vacinated only 1 tme a year, and thats all the medical care that they need. they dont need any other attention as such, and even though they eat stuff lying around, they almost never fall sick or have fever or have any other problems which i have seen many a pure breed dogs suffer with.
in short, if u are lookngi for a long time friend, with less maintainance, then go for a local dog!!!!!

prerna said...

Hey...God bless you angel soul!! It feels sooooo nice that there are people like you who love indian dogs. I am a dog lover myself and I keep feeding the dogs on the streets. I would like to make a donation or something if you are running a trust for animals. Again..Thanks a lot dear for taking care of these innocent souls. God bless you. God will bless you with prosperity and happpiness. you are a true inspiration :)

I'm proud to be an Indian/Desi dog said...

hi prerna,

pls check my profile -

you can contact me on 26940653 and help is always welomed.

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

I Perfectly agree with what you say. I adopted a pup who was lying the street without his mother and he was only a few days old. My mom was happy that I brought him home. needless to say,he is an extremely intelligent pup . My vet doctor was also very encouraging when I told her that he is of Indian Breed. I believe there is absolutely no necessity to look for a breed if you are a true DOG LOVER.

maninder said...


Karen said...

I happen to agree with all the above views completely. Indian/desi breeds are the hardiest and most loyal dogs I have ever come across.

My own dog at home, Kaju, is a gem! She's 14 years old and is still *touchwood* healthy and active. She's always been extremely affectionate and well behaved and a much-loved member of my family.

I also happen to feed and play with quite a few strays outside my office and every one of them has his/her own personality. They are so grateful for any kind of love they receive.

In short they are no less than pure breeds...long live Desi Dogs :)

Mongrel said...

@least some1 thinks about us. feeling so nice!!!! God bless u,

Dog blessings.

pooja said...

i totally agree with above views.i have 2 indian dogs,1 male and 1 female.let me tell you they are the soul of my family.i think indian breeds are equally good as the foreign breeds but dont understand why there is discrimination about them especially in urban society.once i visited vet shop to buy winter clothes for my pets and shopkeeper asked me about the breeds .when i replied as indian breed his beviour changed.i felt pity about his attitude towards indian such folks i want to ask they are also indian and do they have shame of being indian?if no then why they disregard indian breeds.
we should promote our relatives,friends to adopt indian breed.compassion,love,care is the need of every creature on earth including indian breeds too.